Digitally Board: Squire for Hire

Disclaimer: This preview was made possible by the generosity of Letiman Games, who provided a Google Play Store game key to Open Seat Gaming. Our opinions are our own based on several plays of the game.

Disclaimer 2: Marti is now a social media contractor for Galactic Raptor Games (a sister company of Letiman Games) and, even though she didn’t write this review, wanted to make sure that was clear for reasons of transparency. 

Name: Squire for Hire 
Board Game Publisher:
Letiman Games
Board Game Designer:
Jon Merchant
Digital Implementation Publisher:
Aesthetician Labs
Digital Implementation Release:
September 29, 2020

Resources for the Board Game: If you’re checking out the app, then we are going to assume you own the board game – even though we know that’s not always the case! Here are some reviews and overviews of the game from our other friends in board game media.

Gameosity’s “Games in a Minute” Youtube Video.

Board and Brew Playthrough on YouTube.

Written Review from What’s Eric Playing?

Our Review: In the Squire for Hire digital edition, you are playing an 18 card game where you are managing the inventory of your bag in order to get the highest scoring collection of items by the time the story deck runs out. You have a number of different Squires that you can select, each of which has their own different scoring conditions.

As you may expect, every game is different because you have a different Squire, different scoring conditions, and different story cards coming out at different times. But there’s a catch – mixed in with your loot is junk, which is typically negative points. Each Squire also has a different way that they score junk, which can end up being helpful if you get things to align correctly.

The Squires themselves are anthropomorphic animals that each have thematic specializations. The art is absolutely adorable – I know it’s based on the game, but it still brings a delightful, whimsical look to the app. These kind of touches make the games puzzle feel thematic and like you are helping an adventurer deal with different challenges.

There are two different modes of play available on launch – Single Player and Multiplayer. Within single player, you have the option of playing one game, or playing in quest mode. Quest mode has you either specializing against certain types of loot; or on a speed run, where you’re trying to get 20 points in the fewest possible turns.

In the multiplayer mode, two to four squires are going head to head to get the highest scoring bag of loot. Single player mode is the main attraction, yet the multiplayer pass-and-play mode is solid. There is also bonus content that unlocks once you have reached a certain score.

The satisfaction you get from figuring out just the right placement of a card that activates bonuses is delightful.  When you are able to get your bag to align and get bonuses while limiting junk and feel like you have done your best at the end it is very rewarding. Helping your Squire rise to their particular challenge feels absolutely awesome.

All in all, I really enjoyed the Squire for Hire app. It’s a lot of fun, it plays really quickly, and it looks fantastic. I’m really excited that this came to the App Store and iOS. It’s available now! (Note: Google Play has a delay, so it will be available soon). 

Try, Buy, Deny:  If you enjoy spatial puzzles and tile/card placement games that get your brain in gear then the digital edition of Squire for Hire is for you. With the digital edition of Squire for Hire, you are getting a lot of variability along with very tight and challenging game play.

Learn more about Squire for Hire Digital here:

Game On!

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