A Solitary Unboxing – Thunderstone Quest


Welcome to another unboxing! Today I’m showing off the Kickstarter edition of Thunderstone Quest!


This is everything I got. The white box was an add-on and I’ll explain what’s in it at the end of the unboxing. The main box was the “everything” pledge which included the base cards, all 5 quests, and the stretch goal-unlocked extras.


Look at this neat insert, LOOK AT IT! The top part (on the left) holds the bits, boards, and rules, and lifts out with handles revealing the card wells below. Those black pieces in the bottom are plastic fillers that held everything in place before opening.


Here are the rules, questbook (that takes you through the 5 quests), and double-sided board. One side of the board has the recommended layout printed on the various spaces while the other side is the spaces without guiding text to allow you to customize your market and heroes.


These are the player boards. I’m not sure why they fold in half (as they fit in the tray just fine as shown above) but they are good quality.


Here are the tiles that make up the various rooms and such that your heroes will travel between during the game. They are nice and hefty and there are ones for the base game and also for each of the quests.


SO MANY CARDS! I hadn’t opened most of them yet when I took this pic but wanted to give an idea just how many there are with the stacks. There are well over a thousand cards in this game, and dividers to help you keep it all organized.


Here are the miniatures that represent the players. I was surprised at how detailed they are given they’re rather small (most are shorter than an inch).


All the bits. Wooden resources and markers as well as the dice (some cards have you rolling them). With the exception of the 1- and 5-point experience tokens, all the bits are a different shape so color-blind players should be able to tell them apart.



The contents of the unassuming, white box. This is the “Epic” add-on which basically just has 1 of every card in the game that can be variable (heroes, items, spells, enemies, etc.). There’s a variant where you play with 1 copy of everything instead of specific piles of the same cards so this add-on makes it easy to play that without having to sort through all your cards for 1 copy of each (and then sort them back once you’re done).


I LOVE deck-builders and this one has so much packed into it. I’m very much looking forward to getting it to the table! 😀

Game On!
Scott – The Solitary Meeple

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