A Holiday Letter from the Editor


Well Met, Friends of Open Seat Gaming!

Can you tell I played World of Warcraft for years? Anyway, I hope that this letter finds you well and that you’re enjoying your holiday season in the best ways that you can do so. No matter what you celebrate, we’re glad that you have decided to come to the table with us this year.

Open Seat Gaming was an idea that I had all of the way back at the beginning of the year. As someone who is proudly LGBT, I really wanted to make sure that I could put together space where we could focus on gaming and make it safe for everyone who wants to be here. And I feel like we’ve really accomplished that here – we’re glad you’ve joined us on the journey! 

It’s hard to believe that we’ve been around 9 months – but a lot of things have happened in those 9 months! Here’s a list of some of them:

  • We became a part of Punchboard Media
  • We added Sarah on as our apps person.
  • We’ve attended 2 conventions.
  • We moved Scott all the way from Wisconsin to Virginia – that was a trek.
  • We’ve done 22 reviews, 5 previews, and 17 unboxings.
  • We’ve started several recurring posts, including Around the Table with Punchboard, Monthly App Reviews, A Seat at the Table, and Classic Callback.
  • We started a Patreon, providing followers with a monthly newsletter.

So, of course, you may be wondering what our plans are for 2018. We’ve got quite a few of them in mind. Here’s a quick look!

  • With everything that went on with Patreon, we are looking at other options that we hope to roll out at the beginning of the new year, or shortly thereafter. We have already started a Ko-Fi, which you can find the link for on the side of the page.
  • We’re looking to do even more reviews and previews – we have 4 waiting here at Open Seat Headquarters that we’re going to try to knock out in January.
  • We will be celebrating our one year anniversary throughout the month of March! Keep your eyes peeled to see how we celebrate.
  • We plan on attending 4, with the possibility of 5, conventions throughout 2018 – and all 3 of us plan on being at each!
  • We will be starting plans for a regular “Open Seat Gaming” game night in our local area – if you’re located in the Shenandoah Valley, look for Meetup Group based on it!
  • Sarah and I are getting married in October! We are so excited about that, and we’ll try to share some of that excitement with all of you as well!

2018 is going to be an amazing year here at Open Seat Gaming and we’re really excited that you will be joining us on this fun and exciting journey. Thank you for being here with us through 2017 as well! We couldn’t keep moving forward with the blog without all y’all’s help!

Above all else, we hope that you have a wonderful holiday season. For many of us, the holidays can be a difficult time, so be sure that you take care of yourself as well as you are able to. Whether that means celebrating with family or spending some quiet time on your own, take care of yourself. If you need anything, make sure that you reach out to people that care – we’re here for you too.

Game On, and Happy Holidays!

Marti, Sarah, and Scott

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