We’ve Joined Punchboard Media!

So, we have been hinting that we had some big news coming. And now, today is the day. It’s official – Open Seat Gaming is now a part of the Punchboard Media network! Of course, this likely means that some of you that have been following us have some questions.

What is Punchboard Media? “Punchboard Media is a supportive network of board game media content creators committed to promoting games as a way to bring together families, friends, and board game enthusiasts across the globe, while advocating for openness, fairness, and inclusion in the community.” That’s their mission statement, and if you’ve been around here long enough, you can see that it jives with all that we’re trying to do here at Open Seat.

Who is in Punchboard Media? It would take me forever to list everyone that’s in Punchboard – I know that there are more than 20 media entities in video, audio, and written formats. Here is the list of everyone that is in Punchboard Media as of today, when the announcement went up about those of us that joined the network.

How did you get connected with Punchboard Media? Well, it all started at Origins. Remember how we said that we went to the Punchboard Media launch event on Thursday evening? This is where we first connected with people on the team. They started looking into what we had to offer, and they actually approached us about joining them. We, of course, said yes.

Why does this matter for you, and for us as readers? This is the biggest question. There are a few reasons that this works out well for us and for you!

  • Collaboration Opportunities. We have now opened the door to communicating with a couple dozen people that are in board game media, allowing us to collaborate on different projects! I guess this is the best place to announce this – @confuzzldmeeple and I did a segment for the What Did You Play This Week Podcast Thing (links here) as our first collaboration effort. You may see us on audio, video, and blog-based collab efforts, so keep your eyes peeled for the Open Seat Gaming gang!
  • Expanded Reach and Growth. We have been pushing the blog on social media a lot, and I communicate with people all of the time about it. By getting involved with a network, it gives us solid footing which, in turn, adds to our credibility and makes it so that we can keep doing more and more awesome board game media stuff!
  • Networking – not just for us, but for you, too! Over the past few weeks, we have been developing relationships, and we love the people that we have connected with during this time of transitioning into the network. But, that doesn’t only apply to us – you win from this exciting news, too! If you are looking for more fun and exciting board game media in audio, written, or video form, you can get it from Punchboard – and let them know that Open Seat Gaming sent you to them!
  • It Expands Our Message. As all three of us are members of the LGBTQ+ community, we have really worked hard to try and make Open Seat Gaming a place where inclusiveness in board games is embraced and welcomed. Since Punchboard holds those same ideals, it is really beneficial for us to be involved in this network.

Thanks so much for coming on this journey with us – we are looking forward to where this new path leads us! And thank you to the gang at Punchboard for inviting us to be a part of the team – we are really excited to continue promoting inclusiveness and welcoming attitudes in the board gaming community.

Game On!
Marti – The Fluffy Meeple
Scott – The Solitary Meeple
Sarah – The Confuzzld Meeple


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