A Solitary Unboxing – Too Many Bones

I’m so excited to share an unboxing (via pictures) with you today for a game that I have been looking forward to receiving for AGES: Too Many Bones by Chip Theory Games!!


I’m an all-in sort of person when it comes to Kickstarter so I got the base game and every possible add-on. This is everything I received.



The base game box is on the larger size, seen here with a bag of Goldfish as size reference.


The glorious innards including SO MANY dice. The bottom layer has a clear, plastic topper that keeps the pieces from coming out of the holders.


Close-ups of the chips and cards. The chips have a nice heft to them and the cards have a sleek finish that makes them feel great.


Rules, mats, and reference sheets. The mats feel great and the reference sheets have an anti-spill/damage coating that makes them very hardy.


SO MANY DICE. This is all the dice from the base game. The box comes with 4 of the clear storage trays and all the base dice fit into the molded tray and just 2 of the clear trays so you have 2 extras right off the bat!


Box back and inside cover of the core box plus one of the expansion character boxes. The art is gorgeous throughout the game.



This mat, which holds the day counter and tyrant chips, is a pretty way to thematically spice up your game by giving you a way to visually keep track of your journey/quest.


The Liberation Logbook is an entirely lore journal with sketches, story, and all sorts of fun extra information about the game and the world.


The dice trays are sweet. They snap together when in use and lay flat for storage. I ended up getting 3: 1 dedicated to TMB (stores in the bottom section of the box with the reference sheets and mats nicely) and 2 for use with misc other games that have dice.


Premium health chips. They look wicked cool and feel heftier and more solid than the standard health chips. I think this is a good investment to make.


The 3 expansion characters (which brings the total characters to 7 with the 4 base game ones). Each comes with everything you’ll need: character mat, reference sheet, dice, and chip. Each character has a unique color for their dice so they are super easy to tell apart/sort (which I needed to do after the below pic :D).


ALL THE DICE in the base game plus those from the expansion characters. I didn’t count them but there’s a lot of them.

I seriously cannot wait to get this to the table!

Game On!

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