Publisher Information

IMPORTANT INFORMATION AS OF 1/23/2021: Due to the pandemic, the amount of game time we have is severely limited, and we are unable to get games reviewed/previewed within an appropriate window of time as a result. We are limiting the review copies that we get to only from companies we have a previous relationship with, or have promised ahead of time. We can still provide unboxing content, if requested; we can also review digital implementations of games more easily as well. Thank you for your patience.  

Are you a publisher that is looking for reviewers or previewers for your game? We know that publishers always want to get the word out about their games, and we’d love to help you out!

Here is a quick look at the categories of games that we are most interested in.

  • Abstract Games
  • Solo Games
  • Two-Player Only Games
  • Family Games
  • “Small Box” Games
  • Games with Unique Themes
  • Medium-Light to Medium-Heavy weight Euros
  • Card Games
  • Cooperative Games

Here are some mechanisms that we enjoy:

  • Worker Placement
  • Tile Placement
  • Action Selection
  • Set Collection
  • Hidden Movement
  • Deck Building
  • Push-Your-Luck
  • Word Games
  • Puzzle/Escape Room Style Games
  • Dexterity
  • Party Games (No Adult Themes)

We are always willing to do Kickstarter previews or reviews of a Kickstarter product that fits these categories. At this time, we do not charge for game coverage, but this may change in the future. We may request a final, published version of the game if we do a preview.

We do NOT do reviews on:

  • “Adult” Party Games, please do not contact us regarding them or you will get a snarky reply. 🙂
  • Print and Play, unless the game has fewer than 20 cards.
  • Heavy Games

Please allow us at least 4 weeks (preferably 6) between when you would send your game and when the review or preview would need to be posted.

If it sounds like Open Seat Gaming would be a good fit for your game, please use the contact form below to get in touch with us. You’ll hear back from our Editor, Marti, within 3 business days.


Thank you so much for considering Open Seat Gaming as a review option for your games. We hope to hear from you soon!

Game on!
Marti, Scott, and Sarah