About Us

At Open Seat Gaming, we love board games of all sorts. And we want to share that love for board games with everyone that wants to embrace them. It can be a lot of fun and we want everyone to know that there is an open seat at the table for them! We plan on offering a variety of board game media, including reviews of games; Kickstarter previews; accessory and upgrade information; and opinion pieces about the hobby in general.

Marti Mahood-Wormuth is a freelance blogger and writer who loves playing board games, video games, and pretty much any sort of game that you put in front of her. She graduated from Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania in Shippensburg, PA with a B.A. in sociology (2007) and an M.S. in Communication Studies (2010). She currently resides in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia with her wife, Sarah. Her favorite board games include Carcassonne, Kokoro, Noch Mal!, Clank!, and 7 Wonders Duel.

Scott Bowen is a technical support specialist who also loves board games, video games, and supporting things on Kickstarter. Scott graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee with a B.S. in Information Science and Technology with a minor in Business (2012). He currently resides in Virginia. His favorite board games include Star Realms/Hero Realms, Legendary,  and various members of the Tiny Epic series.

Sarah Mahood-Wormuth is a Special Education Teachers’ Assistant who loves board games, books, movies, hiking, and anything relaxing. She graduated from Virginia Tech (Go Hokies!) in Blacksburg, VA with a B.A. in History (2007) with minors in Political Science and Humanities. She lives in the Shenandoah Valley with her partner, Marti. Her favorite board games include Carcassone, Clank!, Champions of Midgard, and Kingdomino.

Expect lots of content from us, and from guests as well! We hope that you come and take a seat at the table, because there’s always room for you!