We’re Back, Baby!

You knew we’d be back eventually, right?

With 2020 and most of 2021 being a total and complete mess, us not attending conventions, Sarah starting a job as a full-time teacher, Scott starting a new job (last spring) and me transitioning my career to full-time social media management and content creation, it was quite a ride.

With the pandemic, we just didn’t have a lot of in person gaming time. Plus, before today, I was working anywhere from 60 to 80 hours every single week. And I say before today because I recently made some workload changes, and now my schedule is much more reasonable.

But, this time, we are actually, legitimately back. It’ll take a little bit to get back into a rhythm (and to get through our backlog – thank you publishers for being patient with us!), but we plan on starting back at least once a week to get things going.

I’m not sure how things will look – if they’ll be the same way we always did it, or what. I think I’ll be experimenting with stuff at least a little bit, so stay tuned!

For our friends who stuck around – thank you. We appreciate your support and we plan on getting things rolling soon!

Game On!




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