The Appeal of “Get to Know You” Games

Disclaimer: This review is from reviewer’s copies of two games:
Why Can’t We All Just Get Along? Political and Religious Edition” from Authentic Agility Games.
– “Outta Our Shells: The Card Game to Get To Know Each Other” from Humannature Studios.
But this review is based on our own opinions of both games. 

Want to Learn to Play? 

Outta Our Shells (from their Kickstarter page):

Why Can’t We All Just Get Along (from their homepage):


Lately, it’s been really interesting to see what our communications and connections look like. Whether you’re using Zoom, Skype (is anyone using Skype? I’m not using Skype), Facebook Rooms (which are pretty cool), or other forms of communication, there’s a lot of feeling things out.

And in some ways, we’re all learning more about each other. We’re all trying to sort out how to communicate in new ways, in ways that are safe and that are going to allow us to feel connected while we’re all far apart, trying to keep each other as safe as we possibly can.

That being said, right before this happened, I got my hands on two games that were all about getting to know each other – Why Can’t We All Just Get Along, and Outta Our Shells. Both games focus on providing questions that get your mind moving and that will help you to get talking about things.

So, of course, I wasn’t able to get with a large group of people and play these games “as they’re meant to be played.” But, they have been used as catalysts in a number of contexts so that people can start talking. From small groups, to writing prompts on my personal blog, I’ve taken these questions and then brought them out to the world.

Games that make you think outside the box are absolutely necessary nowadays. Whether they’re conversation starters, like these games are meant to be, or games where you do fun things that give people a little peek into your life, it’s really interesting to see the mass appeal of these games.

Plus, it’s kinda good to have something handy in regards to ice breakers. A lot of us just use the same old, same old things when it comes to conversation starters, even in groups of people that we already know. But, these give you something different to rip your teeth into.

I’ve even been thinking about how I can use them in some sort of course I’d like to do that is related to teaching us how to talk to one another better. In our world, it’s really heard to know and understand what is involved in sharing our opinions about difficult subjects, and I feel like this could be a disarming way to make it happen.

These were a little “off the beaten path” in regards to our usual reviews – but I wanted to make sure that you saw them and that you could get a little bit of a peek at what they have to offer. Overall, they were pretty cool and they’re definitely going to be a handy thing to have around when I’m looking at conversation starters.

Try, Buy, Deny: If you’re looking for a fun, lighthearted game that helps you to get to know each other in some interesting ways, then you want to check out Outta Our Shells. It’s light, the questions are funny, and the art is adorable.

Want to learn how to speak about difficult topics and have difficult conversations about things? Then you want to get your hands on all of the questions available in Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Both are totally worth a buy if you are looking for solid get to know you games to add to your collection.

Game On!

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