A Statement on Current Events

Pride Support Fist Rainbow Flag – Pride Nation

Hello friends,

I apologize for OSG’s silence recently – we didn’t feel that it was right for us to continue putting up reviews while everything has been going on. We will continue our reviews and previews next week, but I wanted to be sure that I made a statement first.

When Scott and I started Open Seat Gaming back in 2017, we had somewhat of a vision – to be a blog that focused on welcoming people to the world of board gaming, and letting them know that they had a seat at our table. My then girlfriend, now wife Sarah joined us about 6 months into blogging, and it’s been an adventure since.

I’d like to restate something really important when it comes to that viewpoint. Our seat is open – but not to bigots, racists, sexists, homophobes, or other individuals who do not stand for equality and equity. White supremacy is not allowed at our tables.

Black Lives Matter.

We Believe Women.

Love is Love.

That is what we believe, and if you take issue with any of that, then you know where the door is.

As of today, June 12th, 2020, we commit ourselves to being more transparent and open. To being better allies to our brothers and sisters, and to ensure that all of the publishers and content creators that we are connected with hold those same ideals.

We will fulfill any commitments we currently have – we have 17 review and preview copies that we have promised to provide content about, and I want to be sure that we fulfill those commitments. But, we will be more carefully evaluating and vetting which publishers we work with and review games for from here on out.

Game On and Resist!

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