A Duo Unboxing: Too Many Bones: Splice & Dice

Welcome to another unboxing! Sarah teamed up with me to show off the Too Many Bones: Splice & Dice wave of content published by Chip Theory Games!

NOTE: The Trove Chest, which is an all-inclusive storage solution for Too Many Bones, is technically part of this wave of content. However, they made the thing so awesome that it took longer than the rest to finish designing and get ready. As such, it is still in production and I will do a separate post to show it off once it arrives!



The Splice & Dice wave includes the Splice & Dice expansion itself plus 2 optional add-on characters. I, of course, got everything (SURPRISE! totally not, haha).





Let’s dive right into the main box!



As per their usual format, Chip Theory printed lovely art on the inside of the box lid. Here we also see the 2 mats that come with the game, used for building custom tyrants!



Here we have some of the cards in the game. These, I believe, are used in the build-a-tyrant cooperative game mode that is the main feature of Splice & Dice.



The other cards are all tyrant-related. The tyrant cards themselves, encounters, set-up cards for 2 of the tyrants, and epilogues (used in campaign mode from the Age of Tyranny expansion) for the 5 tyrants added in this expansion as well as for the build-a-tyrant custom tyrants.



All the new chips! There are 1, 3, 5, and 20pt baddie chips as well as new pre-made tyrants and their associated chips. There are also 2 fill-in-the-blank chips for custom made tyrants.



There actually aren’t that many new dice in this expansion (compared to others), only 40, but they are still the same great quality as usual. The expansion also comes with a velvety dice bag that I believe is used for randomly drawing dice.



And last but not least we have the rulebook and reference sheets, as well as the build-a-tyrant sheets where you can record what your custom tyrant build ended up like as well as give them a name. The custom tyrant sheets are treated similarly to the Logbooks CTG has released before and smell of leather like they’re supposed to be vellum or some such, I love that immersive detail. There are also potion bottle-shaped pegs used with the mats during gameplay.




The first add-on character is Dart with her pigadillo Boar’d!


Like most character boxes, Dart’s includes her mat, reference sheet, 20 dice, and chip. Hers includes an extra chip for Boar’d as well as an extra small reference sheet for when Dart goes DANGEROUS (it’s funny because Dangerous Darts is a mini-game you can play during Too Many Bones games, lol). Her mat is double-sided and the reverse side is what you use when you are in Dangerous mode.


The other add-on character is actually 4 mini characters that work together as one, the Lab Rats! Slank, Flan, Gerbil, and Helix have escaped from the lab and are ready to fight back!


Since this “character” is actually 4 mini characters that you control one at a time and swap in and out, the box has 4 small mats instead of 1 large one, but still just the one reference sheet that has everything for all 4 of them on it. You get 4 chips instead of 1, and the usual 20 dice that are split between the 4 characters (with some, the gray ones shown in the middle above, being shared). There are also cards for each lab rat that show you their innate ability as well as information specific to them. The box also comes with 5 3-value health chips.

And that’s everything in these boxes! It all looks fantastic and I’m so excited to read through the rulebook and reference sheets and then get this new content to the table!

Game on!
Scott and Sarah

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