Marti Muses: Checking In

Hello friends!

Sorry for the silence – even though we’ve been staying at home, we’re still busy with work, playing games for reviews, and trying to keep ahead of this new normal that we live in.

We hope to have some more reviews out to you in the next week or so. We’re also doing some test drives of running game nights online, so we’ll let you know how that pans out in the future as well.

All three of us are well; Scott is an essential worker, so he’s been busy at his new job. Schools are closed, so Sarah is doing a lot of stuff at home. I’ve had work on and off, and I’m taking on new clients. We’re healthy and safe.

Sarah and I have gotten some gaming in, including My Little Scythe, Metro X, Duelosaur Island, and a few other titles. We’ve started playing on Yucata (our screen names are FluffyMeeple and ConfuzzldMeeple, if you want to invite us to a game!) and we’re enjoying all our apps.

How are you doing? We wanted to check in with all of our followers and see how things were going with you as well. What games have you gotten to play?

Game On,

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