So, What Did You Play at Origins 2019 ?

Origins 2019 was a blast! As the week went on we got to play fewer games because of meetings, events, and trying to take in all the awesome games released or being released soon.

Tuesday June 11th

We hung out at our cousins house waiting for her kids to come over and hang out. After they came over we ran some errands and then played some games.

  • LOTS (prototype) – Coming to Kickstarter this summer/fall designed by Zach Connelly to be  published by Royal N. Games
  • XO (prototype) – Coming to Kickstarter this summer/fall designed by Matt Jacobs
  • Kingdomino – four player 7×7 grid played with cousins
  • Big Dig – played with cousins
  • Most Wanted – played with cousins


Wednesday June 12th

After Registration we proceeded to Open Gaming and hung out there for the evening. The Board Game Broads Facebook group had a meeting there and thats when a bunch of our friends, Nicole Hoye of the Greatway Games Podcast and the Daily Worker Placement, Emma Larkins of the Ludology podcast, and Carla Kopp of Weird Girraffe Games came and played games with us and others.

  • Sprawlopolis -Marti played solo
  • Tussie-Mussie – played with Nicole Hoye and Dmitrios Alexis
  • Hakenshlagen -played with Gaymer James Wilkinson, Nicole, and Dmitrios. Available exlusively through this website:
  • Magic Dance -played with James, Nicole, Dmitrios, and others
  • Gold Fever – played with Nicole, Dmitrios, and others
  • Ramen – played with Nicole, Dmitrios, and others
  • A Fake Artist Goes to New York – played with Nicole, Dmitrios, Emma Larkins, Carla Kopp, Kristy, and others
  • Belratti – played by Nicole, Dmitrios, Carla, and Caryl Tan of Quiche Games
  • Crossing -played by Nicole, Dmitrios, Carla, and Caryl
  • XO – played by both of us, then Marti taught to Eric Buscemi of the Cardboard Hoard
  • Wingspan – played with and taught to Eric


Thursday June 13th

We were able to go into the exhibit hall an hour early for Press Hour, so we decided to check out the Plan B booth. We met with Bruce Voge of North Star Games, as well as the podcasts On Board Games and the PartyGameCast. Bruce showed us a host of upcoming titles from North Star, including the expansion to Quacks of Quedlinburg and Die Tavern de Tiefen Thal (Tavern of the Dark Valley). We got a quick demo of Planet, a Blue Orange game that will soon be available in the US. Eventually that evening we headed to the Greatway Games Meet up, hosted by Nicole Hoye. Then we had a demo with Bruce and a late evening with some of our friends in Punchboard Media.

  • Century: A New World
  • passtally
  • Dirty Pig – Bruce played/taugh Marti
  • Letter Jam- taught to us by Paul Grogan of Gaming Rules! and played with others
  • Just One – played at the Greatway meet up with: Nicole, Ruth B of the Five By Games Podcast, Kristy, Eric Leath of Games and Grub, Eric Buscemi and others.
  • Silver and Gold – played at the Greatway meet up. Nicole and Ruth taught us how to play.
  • Oceans – taught by Bruce played with Eric Buscemi and Brian Everett of Cloak and Meeple


Friday June 14th

Had a meeting with Ben Harkins, CEO of Floodgate Games, where he showed us 3 Laws of Robotics, Bosk, and the upcoming The Great Facades – Passion expansion to Sagrada. Then we played a couple games before the Punchboard Media Meet-Up. At the end of the meetup we hung out with our friends Mark Burke the Chubby Meeple as well as Lizzy and Tom of the Drinking Meeples as they finished up their game of Second Chance.

  • Dominion: Renaissance
  • Power Grid – Learning game taught by Patrick Hillier of WDYPTW Productions and played with part of the Incorrigible Party Bill and Alana
  • DragonStone Mine! – Marti played with Brian of Cloak and Meeple and others
  • The Magnificent Race- played with Patrick Hillier, Bruce Voge, and Jake Bock of Draft Mechanic
  • Medium – played with the designers Danielle and Nathan of StormChaser Games, Brian of Cloak and Meeple and others


Saturday June 15th

We took part in the Origins Virtual Flea Market that did exhanges at the same time as the Origins Math Trade around 9:45 in the morning. Through the Flea Market we were able to acquire some games that had been hard for us to find otherwise: Carcassonne: Hunters and Gatherers and Saint Malo, for example. Then we watched and cheered the Columbus Pride Parade right outside of the Greater Columbus Convention Center. We hung out with our good friend Sam Browne of Geek-Craft for most of the parade. Then we went back into Origins, played some games and took an early night to go hang out with our cousins. We played some games with them too.

  • Tzolk’in: The Mayan Calendar
  • Cats (prototype) – taught and played with Matt Riddle in the Unpub room
  • Dirty Pig – played with cousins
  • Queendomino – played with cousins


Sunday June 16th

We had a meeting with T. of HABA USA and were shown a variety of their games, including Honga and Snail Sprint. Next we saw an upcoming game Honey Buzz, to be published by Elf Creek Games. Also we got to see Calico designed by Kevin Russ, art by Beth Sobel, and to be published by Flat Out Games.

  • Sunflower Valley
  • Brikks


Games Played Statistics: Marti and Sarah played a total of 32 unique games together during the week of Origins Game Fair. Marti played 4 unique games without Sarah. Sarah played 1 unique game without Marti. Overall 44 plays of 35 games!!

Game On!
Marti and Sarah



  1. it certainly looks like a lot of quantity. Which one struck you as most promising to play 100 times more? And given the generic lightness of the menu, you should consider chocolatiers. It’s brilliant and feels great and new.


    • Yeah, our cons are filled with ALL THE GAMES. It’s our thing, lol.

      Letter Jam definitely – I don’t see that losing any interest with the groups here at home (once it comes out, at least). Really enjoyed Brikks as well, and Century: New World is pretty solid in terms of game play, as well.


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