A Confuzzld Unboxing- Call to Adventure

Disclaimer: This unboxing is from a reviewer’s copy of the game that was provided by Brotherwise Games to Open Seat Gaming. 

Game: Call to Adventure
Publisher: Brotherwise Games
Design: Johnny O’Neal and Christopher O’Neal
Artist: Matt Paquette

Call to Adventure drew our attention for a myriad of reasons. The character building, story-telling aspects as well as the ‘rune-rolling’ that resolves challenges. The game has three modes: competitive, cooperative, and solo. Call to Adventure has an intriguing trajectory as a game system that delves into the worlds of different Intellectual Properties. as they are doing with their first two expansions.

One of the striking things about Call to Adventure is the different pieces of art that draw players into the game.

Here are the runes that you use to determine your character’s success in challenges. Each player board lists what each face of your runes does as well as having slots for you Origin, Motivation, and Destiny cards.


Here is the insert after you take out the player boards and rules.


Here is the insert when you take out the runes portion. Shown are the three parts of the story decks, the score sheet, experience tokens, hero, anti-hero, and adversary quest cards.


Here are the three story decks.


Here are the Motivation, Destiny, and Origin cards, these cards form your hero’s story and are placed on your player board.

Here are the different card decks that are not part of the story decks, on the left is the Anti-hero deck, the right is the Hero deck, and on top is the Adversary Quest deck.

This is the card that sets out the amount of experience points the adversary must acquire in order to win in solo and cooperative modes; the card is double sided for high player count cooperative games.

We haven’t gotten it to the table yet, but we’re really excited to give it a whirl. We’ll be sure to share our thoughts once we actually get some plays in for it! Have you gotten to play the game yet? If so, what do you think of it?

Game On!



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