Marti Muses: Coming Soon!

Hey y’all. We’ve had a bit of a busy month over here at OSG, but I wanted to touch base and let you know what was going to be coming up from us.

First, we have a number of posts that we’d like to get out before we head to Origins. These include:

  • a review for Wingspan, the Kennerspiel des Jahres nominee from Stonemaier Games
  • a preview for Tussie Mussie (coming to Kickstarter on May 28th) from Button Shy
  • a spoiler free review of Aeon’s End: Legacy from IBC
  • A spoiler FILLED review of Aeon’s End: Legacy from IBC
  • An unboxing of Call to Adventure from Brotherwise Games
  • A review of Scorpius Freighter from AEG
  • A review of Stars Align from Breaking Games
  • A review of Tiny Towns from AEG

Second, we’ll be at Origins from June 12th to 16th! Only Sarah and I are going to be there this year, and we’re really excited to see y’all. We’ll be at the Punchboard Media meetup on Friday, of course. We also plan on seeing the Greatway Games crew on Thursday. Otherwise, we’re pretty much open and we’d love to see you! Around that time, we’ll do our Origins recap too!

Thirdly, we’re thinking about making some changes to our Patreon or switching to something else for maintaining the site. That’s literally all it goes for – it ensures that we’re able to pay our hosting fees to WordPress. So, if anyone has any ideas of what they would like us to do or how we do things, we’d love to hear them. Email us at

And that’s it! We’ll be coming at you soon with some awesome reviews soon!

Game On!

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