The State of the Blog (A Letter from the Editor)

Hello Friends!

Things have been pretty wacky here on the blog this month because Sarah and I have been getting things ready for our wedding – yay! So, the first thing we want to mention is that you’re not going to see content from today (Friday, October 5th, 2018) until next Friday (October 12th). We aren’t going on our honeymoon yet (that’ll be next summer), but we will be taking a short break because weddings are exhausting. If you want to see pictures, videos, and whatnot, look on Twitter and Instagram under these hashtags:


Thanks for bearing with us and celebrating with us as we step into this new chapter in our lives.

Expanding: As we continue to grow, we are planning to expand the blog, get featured on podcasts (like The Shuffle from What Did You Play This Week Productions) and go to more conventions! If you like what we’re doing, would you consider helping us out in one of these ways?

  • Share our blog posts on Twitter/Facebook
  • Become a patron on Patreon!
  • Buy us a coffee on Ko-Fi!
  • Donate via PayPal.Me

All of the proceeds go toward our hosting fees, getting games to review, and whatever else needs to happen to keep the blog going. We may also be starting a PodPledge post-wedding – keep your eyes peeled!

Conventions: Marti and Sarah will be at PAX Unplugged! If you want to say hi to us, if you’re a publisher or designer that wants us to check out a game, or if you want to sit and play a game, we would love to meet up! All three of us (Marti, Sarah, Scott) also plan on being at PrezCon for one day (TBA) and we’ll definitely be at Unpub in March as playtesters – so be sure to catch us!

TL;DR – Marti and Sarah are getting married, there will be radio silence for like a week, throw some money at us if you like what we’re doing at OSG, we will be going to conventions yay.

Game On!
Marti – Editor of OSG, The Fluffy Meeple, and Soon to Be Married!


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