A Solitary Unboxing – The Big Score


Welcome to (yet) another unboxing! Today I’m showing the Kickstarter edition of The Big Score by Van Ryder Games!


This is what I received from my pledge. The packet contains stretch goals and the “Crack the Safe” mini expansion (which I’ll show at the bottom of this unboxing).



Here is everything in the game box. SO MANY PUNCHBOARD PIECES! As usual, I’ll go into specifics below.


Here we have the player boards, cop board, and the really nifty bank that holds tokens during the game. It’s a magnetic closure and there’s a cardboard bottom that slots into the sides to actually hold things. If you don’t want to use the fancy bank, they also include a felt bag you can use to hold the tokens instead.


These are all the cards in the game. The crew and solo scenario cards are regular size, but the jobs and player aids are rather large (bigger than tarot-sized).


SO MANY BITS! There’s money, robbery tokens, gems and statues, player markers, even representations of encrypted hard drives.


There are standees for the player markers (from the bits pic above) but also a GIANT PLASTIC DIAMOND that acts as the first player marker. I love that they went so thematic with it!



These are the contents of the Big Score packet. There are 2 additional bosses (with markers), plastic upgrade tokens for the wild markers (that are cardboard in the base game), as well as the Crack the Safe expansion itself. CtS includes 2 new locations and a deck of cards you get as rewards from those locations.


Van Ryder is a personal favorite company of mine, I have most of their games in my collection, and this one is a very welcome addition! It’s a theme I didn’t have anything for so it fills a nifty hole in my collection. Really looking forward to getting this to the table!

Did you back The Big Score? Do you enjoy the heist theme of this or other games? Let us know your thoughts here in the comments or on social media!

Game on!

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