A Solitary Unboxing – Brass: Lancashire and Birmingham (Deluxe)


Welcome to another unboxing! Today I’m showing off the Deluxe editions of Brass: Lancashire and Brass: Birmingham from Roxley Games! NOTE: My crappy phone camera does not do the beauty of these games the justice they deserve. They are GORGEOUS.




Here is everything that comes in Lancashire Deluxe.


The rulebook here helps frame the lovely player boards. You can see on the back they have the game title and the fronts have spaces for all the buildings you use during the game. They are thick boards that feel very sturdy.


Lovely, lovely cards. The art on these is AMAZING. They have a nice finish to them and feel great to hold.


The biggest bonus from the deluxe edition are these Iron Clay chips that replace the punchboard money from the regular edition. These things feel GREAT, are weighty without being overbearing, and are just so well-designed I might pick up a generic set to use for other games!


The board in Lancashire is double-sided. One side is for the new edition of the rules for this reprint (which supports 2 to 4 players) while the back side has the board for the community 2-player variant of Lancashire that was created for the original printing of the game.


All the punchboard bits. I didn’t punch everything out for these pictures because I was so excited to show them off. The pieces I did punch all feel solid and good.


Here are the miscellaneous bits as well as the extra bags they give you to organize things. The pieces on the right are the player pieces while the cubes are for resources.




Everything in Birmingham.


The cards here are identical quality to the Lancashire ones: look and feel great and the art (some of which is different) is still amazing.


Birmingham has an identical set of Iron Clays so I just showed off 2 different denominations here. Each game comes with 1s, 5s, 10s, and 20s. You can get more of each denomination, as well as 100s chips, from the Iron Clays fill-out set (see ADD-ONS below).


The Birmingham board is also double-sided, but with a different purpose. The spaces on each side are identical, however one side shows daytime coloring and the other side shows a night version of the locations (no rules change between the sides, it’s just a cosmetic difference).


The rules and punchboard sheets are of similar quality to Lancashire. The player boards, however, like the main board for Birmingham are double-sided with the day art on one side and the night art on the other (you can see both in the picture above).


The bits (and bags) for Birmingham are much like the ones for Lancashire, though Birmingham has the addition of barrels for one of the new types of buildings you can have.



This is what the fill-out Iron Clays set is composed of. 30 chips that provide additional 1s, 5s, and 10s as well as addming the 100s denomination. I wasn’t exactly sure how to utilize it best so I just decided to split it evenly and add 15 chips each to Lancashire and Birmingham. They came in the lovely box you see above, which I totally kept because it’s so purty.


As I said before, these games are GORGEOUS. I’m so excited to have received them (especially since, if you follow me on Twitter you’ll have seen, I had so many issues actually getting the package delivered). We hope to get these to the table soon!

Did you back Brass? Have you played the original or this new version? What did you think? Let us know here in the comments or on social media!

Game on!
Scott – The Solitary Meeple

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