A Fluffy Unboxing: Smash Up: The Bigger, Geekier Box!

Disclaimer: This unboxing is from a reviewer’s copy of this fancy box that was provided by Alderac Entertainment Group (AEG) to Open Seat Gaming, but opinions are our own, because it’s pretty and I always need more Smash Up. 

I’ve always really enjoyed Smash Up. If you remember, I talked about it in a Classic Callback back in May, and I still have a lot of affection for the game. Well, recently, the lovely folks from AEG sent us their new big box for all of the Smash Up expansions.

Known as The Bigger, Geekier Box (since the first one was known as The Big Geeky Box), this box is meant to hold everything that they currently have for Smash Up, and also everything that will eventually come out for the game. Because, if you’ve followed Smash Up for any amount of time, you know that they are always putting out new content. At the time I’ve written this, there are nine released expansions – AEG is releasing Oops, You Did It Again (another player voted faction set like It’s Your Fault!) at GenCon, with a retail release in September, and that will be their 10th Smash Up expansion.

Let me tell you, I really liked the art on the original Big Geeky Box, but I think they did a stellar job with The Bigger, Geekier Box. The art is awesome (it should be, since it’s from the game), the colors are bright, and it definitely has that awesome Smash Up feel to it.

When you open the lid, this is what you see first. Do you see it? Comprehensive Rulebook. That means that all of the little rulebooks that we had rolled up in my Big Geeky Box can now be tossed – hooray! Everything in one book! It looks well organized, it has all of the errata/clarifications in it, and it’s just a good guide to everything Smash Up.

Remember all of the victory point tokens that come in every expansion? They have a home now. We only have 5 expansions right now (including a preview copy of the GenCon expansion release, which we will talk about soon), but there’s space for the other 5 expansions and then some. Hooray for extra space!

Look at all that glorious space. The box is actually the same size as the Thunderstone Quest box, so it’s put together in a way that has all of the extra space that you need in order to continue growing your Smash Up Collection.

In this box, AEG provides you with new dividers for each of the factions. The best part? They now have labeled which expansion that each faction has originated from on the bottom, in small white font. For someone like me, who likes to keep the factions from the same sets together, that’s a glorious addition.

This is how our 5 expansions fit into the box. Look at that! There is plenty of extra room, and foam in case we wanted to try and set it up differently. In short, there’s going to be plenty of space for you to be able to store every single one of the current Smash Up expansions, and any additional expansions that come out in the future.

And then, the token tray with the empty space fits into the spot perfectly on top. As you can see, it does have the straps so that you can lift the top part out easily, which is totally how they did the top layer of the Thunderstone Quest box as well, and it’s a really smart idea. I like how you can fit all of the tokens and have room for extra things – in that white space, we’re probably going to put our dice (that’s what I use for keeping track of the health of the bases we’re attacking).

Before I forget, there are also two different promo sets included in the box. The Geeks faction, which was included in The Big, Geeky Box; and the Smash Up All-Stars faction, which includes cards from previous sets and was only available at store events prior to their inclusion in this box.

We are really happy with The Bigger, Geekier Box. It will be for sale at GenCon with an MSRP of $40, and that’s honestly a fairly solid value for this sort of storage solution. The box, its organizational value, the included promos, and the comprehensive rulebook make this a definite buy for people who love Smash Up and are looking to complete their set of it.

Now, I just need to find a store where I can go and get the Titans faction from the event kit…

Game On!

Marti – The Fluffy Meeple

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