Special Edition: Lucidity (Deluxe) Unboxing


Welcome to a special edition article! Today I’m unboxing the deluxe Kickstarter edition of Lucidity! It comes with the base game box and then an additional box of goodies.



Here is everything in the base game box.


The rulebook and some lovely art prints of the nightmare cards that were unlocked as stretch goals during the Kickstarter.


The player mats have unique solo modes on the reverse side (yay solo play!) and are cardstock in this edition of the game. The nightmare cards and player aids are all double sided (the nightmares have different art on each side even!) and are tarot-sized cardstock.


All the lovely dice! This dice bag was unlocked as a stretch goal and is also lovely (the white specs are just some fuzz I didn’t notice until after taking this pic). There are also beads for tracking things on your player mat.



Here’s everything in the deluxe goodies box.


The rulebook and the mini expansion content. There are special dice for the Bone Hunter expansion, as well as extras of the regular dice in case you lose one or you want to try a variant with more dice in the bag.


This is the family-friendly art version of the game. All mechanics are the same, just the art is changed (the nightmare cards have full art on the backs). These mats are actual mousepad-like playmats (as opposed to the cardstock in the base game).


There are also replacement playmat versions of the regular mats, as well as overlays that sit on top and hold your dice in place.


Here we see the overlays on the family-friendly playmat, the regular playmat, as well as the cardstock mats from the base game. It fits nicely over all of them.


I’m soooooo excited to have gotten this finally and cannot wait to get it to the table!

Game on!
Scott – The Solitary Meeple

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