Dominion Storage Solution with Insert Review

Editor’s Note: Hi! We’re still here – Marti’s been busy for the past week or so and so it’s been hard to get content out as it should be. Here’s a look at the Dominion Insert that was supposed to be on Friday. 

It’s no secret that I love Dominion, and that I fully believe that the expansions make the game that much better and more involved to play. That being said, for my birthday, Scott got me the Dominion Insert from The Broken Token for the Artist’s Case from Hobby Lobby – and holy cow, it fits all of my Dominion stuff.

As a heads up, I actually have the base game, plus five expansions, plus almost all of the promos. The five expansions we have are Intrigue, Prosperity, Cornucopia, Guilds, and Empires.

Now, if you know me, I usually think that inserts are a frivolous thing, that it’s not necessary and that I really don’t want to spend my money on them. But, as someone who loves Dominion and likes to mix up all of the cards so that we have more interesting setups, it absolutely sucked to have to do that out of five different boxes.

Enter the Dominion insert, where I would be able to put everything in the same box. As you can see, there is plenty of room and I’m going to be able to add Seaside in when I finally get my hands on it. It was super easy to put together (Scott did it and it took like 10 minutes) and the dividers are really easy to move around.

I had to get creative with some of the bits that come with the games – for example, the victory point tokens with Empires and the extra coins with Prosperity. If you look closely at the back row, you can see my solutions. I put the bits in condiment (jello shot) cups so that they could just be taken out and used when we are using those cards. Then, I allowed extra space for the Empire player boards in the corner.

My only real issue with the insert is that it didn’t come with quite enough separators for what I’d want to do. I’m still trying to work out the solutions that I want to use to separate all of the cards a bit better (I currently just have two piles for each set), but I’m sure I’ll figure that out with time.

I’m really happy with this layout. As someone who likes to have all of my expansions in the same space (especially with Dominion), it’s a huge upgrade and makes it that much easier for me to find the cards that I want to use quickly.

The cost was really affordable as well – I believe that the insert is less than $30, and the box that I bought was less than $15 on sale, so it ends up being less than $45 to get it all of the things that I needed to get it worked out easily.

If you have multiple Dominion expansions, what do you do for organizational purposes? Do you have suggestions that I can use to organize it even better? And what other inserts do you use to put your games with their expansion content more easily?

Game On!

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