It’s Our Birthday!

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Actually, it’s several birthdays this month (Marti and Scott both have birthdays in March) but importantly for this post: OSG turns 1 this month! We are so thankful and grateful for being able to do this for a whole year already, and what a year it’s been! We’re very much looking forward to what the future has in store for us.

But what would a birthday be without gifts? To celebrate OSG’s birthday, we’re giving away a bunch of stuff! We have 4 separate giveaways ranging from promos to dice to a brand new copy of Betrayal at Baldur’s Gate! Read on below for details as well as links to the giveaways. We want to thank everyone that has supported us this last year and encourage everyone to enter!

The giveaways are open until midnight on 3/31, drawings will be done/announced the first week of April. For all prize packages including Halfsies Dice, the colors will be chosen randomly from the 5 sets we have available (each package will contain unique colors, no duplicates).

Financial supporters get a bonus entry for all these giveaways (if you’ve supported us on Patreon, Ko-fi, Paypal, etc.), there is an entry for it on each giveaway page (so please remember to click it!). Want to support us? Here’s how: Patreon, Ko-fi, Paypal

-1 Copy of Betrayal at Baldur’s Gate
-2 Sets of Halfsies Dice

Click Here to Enter

-1 Set of Halfsies Dice
-15 Promos:
Promo for The Golden Ages
Covert – Kane Klenko character card
Apotheca – Tima the Red
Dicey Goblins – Naughty Goblin Token
Fuse – Wild Die
One Deck Dungeon – Witch
Unreal Estate – Snipers Tower
Betrayal at House on the Hill – Event Card Snake
Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle – The Dursleys
Champions of Midgard –  Virtue Rune card
Fuedum – Royal Chalice
Ninja Camp – Kitten
Spoils of War – Singing Donkey Artifact
Vikings Gone Wild – Meeple Bros
Last Friday – Buby

Click Here to Enter

Qwixx Deluxe

Click Here to Enter

-2 Sets of Halfsies Dice

Click Here to Enter


Game on!
Scott – The Solitary Meeple

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