A Solitary Unboxing – Rise to Nobility (Deluxe Edition)


Welcome to another unboxing! Today I’ll be showing off the Deluxe Edition of Rise to Nobility by Final Frontier Games.


There is a LOT of stuff packed into this box, here’s all of it! As usual, I’ll go into specifics below.


Here we have the rules and the double-sided game board. The front has the “daytime” coloring with pips on the dice and the back has the “nighttime” coloring with numbers on the dice. Either side can be used for the regular game and Final Frontier is working on a special variant for the night side as well!


Scoreboard, mini-expansion board, building tile bag, and player boards. The player boards are also double-sided with daytime and nighttime coloring to match the main board.


All the cards! They feel great and seem like really good quality.


Look at these pretty dice! The Kickstarter project unlocked a stretch goal to spruce these up and they look AMAZING!!


Here are all the wood bits. Player workers and markers, the first player marker (That giant shield), as well as resources.


All the cardboard bits/chits. The ones showing the dice (which are for the included mini-expansion, I believe) have pips on one side and numbers on the other. They really wanted to give people the choice to play with either for readability.



Because I’m hopeless like that, I got the metal coin add-on for this project, and I’m glad I did. Here you can see the cardboard money on top and the wonderful metal money on the bottom. They feel so nice and are just weighted enough to give them the heft of actual money. Gonna enjoy playing with this upgrade!


Well that’s everything in the box. I haven’t gotten it to the table yet but I’m very much looking forward to when I do!

Game on!
Scott – The Solitary Meeple


  1. We just received our copy as well! The add on coins are fantastic. We had our first play through, and thought it was really great!


    • That’s great to hear! The coins do seem good so I’m glad that they are as nice as they seem. I’m very much looking forward to getting some plays in on this!

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