A Fluffy Unboxing – Cytosis!

Back in November, we got our hands on our Kickstarter copy of Cytosis – which we had definitely been excited about for awhile. Since the holidays hit us hard here (because goodness, how busy can you get?), we are finally getting to our unboxing of Cytosis.

Cytosis is a worker placement game that focuses on teaching people about cell biology – and let me tell you, it’s a really pretty game. Let’s take a look at it!

Here’s what you see when you get inside of the box with all of its bits and baubles. Look how nicely it all fits in the box! Sarah took some time punching out the cardboard chits so that you could see what was in there, but as you can tell, it fits quite nicely and there isn’t a lot of wasted space, either.

Here’s a look at some of the cardboard pieces. They are high quality and punching them out didn’t give us any issues. Look at how cool they made the whole thing! That big replica of the cell is actually the first player marker. How cool does that look? The art on this game blows me away!





Here are the wooden bits. They’re definitely chunky and durable, which makes people like me (with large fingers) able to pick things up and move them around without too much trouble in the first place. And that’s something that everyone in our gaming group appreciates.

I’m a sucker for custom dice, and Genius Games definitely delivered. Look how nice these dice are! I love the color, the symbols are awesome, and they roll nicely as well.











And lastly, the cards. The text is easy to read, the colors are bright, and it’s easy to understand just what it is that the game wants you to do on your turn.

As you can see, Cytosis is a very well produced game. I was very happy with what I got for backing on Kickstarter and I’m really excited to get this off of our “shelf of shame” and onto the table. Not only am I really into its theme, I also appreciate that the funds used to back Cytosis also ensure that the game can reach those who can use it for educational purposes as well. Consider checking out Cytosis and the other science resources (tabletop games, books, and more) from Genius Games to support their cause as well!

Game On!


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