A Solitary Unboxing – Hero Realms Campaign, Boss Decks, & Star Realms Promos


Welcome to yet another unboxing! We’ve gotten a lot of Kickstarter stuff recently so today I’ll be covering the Hero Realms Campaign Deck and Boss Decks as well as the Star Realms year 2 promos that were an optional buy.


Here is everything I received in their lovely packaging.



Inside the Campaign Deck box you have these large-sized Master cards. They are the main baddies you’ll be trying to defeat during the campaign.


Here are ALL the normal-sized cards in the deck. There are specific cards for each of the 5 class decks (the character packs are required to play the campaign deck) as well as generic treasures and skills/abilities for the classes. In addition are the enemies/minions of the Masters that you’ll be actively fighting.



This is what the dragon boss deck looks like. As a boss, you have a starting deck just like any other player (and the dragon’s varies based on the number of opposing players). You also have additional cards based on the mechanics of the particular boss. The dragon has a loot deck of treasures he’s guarding that the players can try to steal and use against him. Each boss also gets their own unique health tracker.


And here we have the lich boss deck. The lich has a grimoire deck of minions as well as soul jars that have differing health and abilities. The lich is trying to corrupt the town and gets stronger as the game goes on.



The only extra I got with this second wave shipment for Hero Realms were the year 2 promos for Star Realms, seen above. Some of these are pretty crazy (that blue 2-cost ship in particular) and I can’t wait to try them out!

Game on!
Scott – The Solitary Meeple

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