Around the Table with Punchboard: What Games Are you Playing on Halloween?

Hello friends! It’s Halloween, and we know you’re as excited as we are for this very fun evening of the year. We decided to do a fun post for this fun day, and we got a bunch of our friends from Punchboard Media to join us too. Check out this post, and consider checking out some of their great content to support them as well!


Marti Wormuth – @Fluffy Meeple
Open Seat Gaming –

On Halloween, we are going to BE the zombies and knock out a few games of Zombie Dice! This Press-Your-Luck dice game is a ton of fun and really helps us get into the spirit of Halloween by rolling dice and trying not to get shot in the face by the villagers that are a little feisty. Come on, all I want are some BRAINS!


Eric Yurko – @whatseplaying
What’s Eric Playing? –

Halloween? I’m definitely going to be playing Betrayal at House on the Hill: Widow’s Walk. Giving 2 – 6 players the opportunity to explore and build a spooky haunted house (only to potentially have a player betray the others) is exactly the right amount of spooky 4 me. Plus, with over 100 haunt scenarios between the base game and expansion (though I’ve already played all the base game’s haunts), there’s always more to do! Then again, if I’m not doing that I’m going to grab the Ice Cool Costume Party pack and play a few Halloween-themed rounds of my favorite dexterity game. Maybe I’ll throw some candy corn onto the board as an obstacle?


Bill Corey Jr – @BillCoreyJr @CubistPodcast
The Cubist –

I guess I’m a little bit of a curmudgeon because I’m not the world’s biggest Halloween fan. However, I am always looking for an excuse to bust out Mansions of Madness Second Edition! I’m a very big fan of the adventurous feel the game provides, and the soundtrack and voiceover work in the app really adds to the atmosphere of the game. I love the emergent storytelling that the game provides, and FFG has done a good job of continuing to release new scenarios through the app to keep the game feeling fresh. Halloween is the perfect opportunity to bring it back to the table!


Eric Buscemi – @ericbuscemi
The Cardboard Hoard –

I’ve been saving a Kickstarter that was delivered to me earlier this summer to play this Halloween. Why have I been holding off? Because the game is Escape Room In A Box: The Werewolf Experiment, which means I can only play it once! So what better time of year to play a thematic one-shot game experience than on a spooky holiday like Halloween? The best part is the Escape Room In A Box website has tons of party planning tips and to help create the atmosphere and get into the spirit. Carpe noctem!


Joe Sallen – @goodboardugly
The Good, the Board, and the Ugly
The Sallen Coefficient
The Long View-

This is the one time of the year I rescind my strict “No Betrayal” rule, so I may get in a game of Betrayal at House on the Hill. Mainly, I second Eric of The Cardboard Hoard in that I’ve got the Escape Room in a Box that sounds like a great monster themed escape room. We’ll see how that compares to Unlock, Exit, and actual escape rooms!


Sarah Mahood – @ConfuzzldMeeple
Open Seat Gaming –

I really enjoy Halloween! But since we will probably be busy giving away candy to trick or treaters; the game I am excited to play this Halloween is Ghost Blitz. Ghost Blitz is simple yet fantastic dexterity and pattern recognition game for 2 – 8 players. You are trying to recognize the pattern on the card quicker than your opponents, but then you also need to grab the chunky wooden piece that matches the card. Each card in the deck shows pictures of all of the objects. If one object is colored correctly, then players need to grab that correctly colored object. If all of the objects are colored incorrectly then you look for the object and color not represented among the four details shown. If you grab the right object, you take the card & flip the next one until the deck is finished. This quick game will find a way to spook all your guests into a wonderful time.


Brandon Kempf – @VacaBCK
What Did You Play This Week Podcast –

Halloween is not my time, my kids and my wife absolutely love it, but I think that’s just because it’s an excuse for them to dress up and go door to door making me uncomfortable by meeting new people. But, if we’re going to talk something that is good and horrific to play on the table, I’m going to go with The Bloody Inn designed by Nicholas Robert. You see, I like my horror with a bit of reality mixed in, and what’s more realistic than some historical innkeeping competition with a bunch of thieving innkeepers, who sometimes end up having to murder the guests to get their money, all while trying to avoid the encroaching police.


The Review Board  – @the_reviewboard

I’ll be visiting Warwick Manor, in which a heinous murder occurred, but the killer has never been caught. With my fellow psychics, we’ll try to help a restless spirit and find the correct suspect, location and murder weapon. Mysterium is an asymmetric cooperative game for 2-7 players in which one person plays the ghost while the other 1-6 players play psychics. The psychics have to decipher vision cards from the ghost in a final attempt to solve the Warwick Manor’s murder once and for all.


Chris Kirkman – @dicehateme
The State of Games podcast:

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – October! A time when everyone gathers around the flickering flames of their favorite decorative gourds, weaving tales of banshees and headless horsemen and, of course, playing board games. I have an entire shelf in my collection dedicated to games with horror themes and there are so many to choose from – Elder Sign, Fury of Dracula, Arkham Horror: The Card Game. But there is one particular game that I look forward to every Halloween season – Last Night on Earth. There are countless zombie games on the market but this one nails all the archetypes of the films on which it’s based. There’s a ridiculous amount of luck, you’re always on the run, and the zombies typically have the upperhand, but no other zombie game captures the atmosphere of a small town being overrun by the undead. I recommend the “Get to the Truck” scenario over all others – you’ll inevitably find the keys two rounds before the end, race to the truck and fight off zombies until it starts, only to lose half the people in the group, but you’ll have a howling good time doing it. Happy Halloween!


Patrick “the house on haunted” Hillier – @overthehillier
What Did You Play This Week Podcast –

I love, love, love Halloween.  Per my wife’s rules I’m not allowed to start decorating until October 1st.  My all hallows eve is reserved for trick or treating.  Years ago I dressed up with my son in a costume to align with his – he as a pirate and me as the black pearl when Pirates of the Caribbean was popular. Now that he is in college I’m still the guy in the neighborhood who overdoes it and totally re-themed my yard with all skeletons recently.  I hook up a pot of bones to my smoke machine and set it off as the trick or treaters arrive. Between kiddies, my wife and I enjoy watching classic black and white monster movies.  This isn’t to say I don’t love scary themed games.  My favorite has to be Betrayal on the Haunted Hill – last year we had three games going at a meet up near Halloween, I did a recording of this for Cardboard Carnage podcast last year, which you will hear that I feel is like playing an episode of Scooby Doo.  As a co-op fan I like to dust off Ghost Stories, not just the theme of ghosts, but also because it is a game you can never win! The horror! I also learned Bloody Inn this year and think it would make a fun Halloween game as a hotel owner killing off your guests and figuring out where to bury them.  Look for that on this year’s Cardboard Carnage Halloween episode.  The storytelling game Gloom can be a hit as you describe the grisly problems your family members face, as well.


Thanks for joining us for this spooky Halloween post. What is your favorite game to bring out for Halloween? Let us know in the comments or share with us on social media!

Game On!
The Staff at Open Seat Gaming and Our Punchboard Media Friends

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