A Fluffy Unboxing: Constellations

I love the stars and weather and anything that has to do with the sky. I wasn’t the best at math, so needless to say, I ended up having a career as a writer with a lot of hobbies instead of becoming an astronomer or meteorologist. 🙂

That being said, when I saw Constellations from Xtronaut Enterprises come up on my radar as a Kickstarter game, I was hooked from the minute I saw it. Not only did it have a low price point ($27 including shipping), but it had a theme that was unique and that I definitely wanted to check out.

I was so excited when it was waiting for me when Sarah and I got back from the weekend. So, here’s a quick unboxing of this gorgeous little game.

This is what we got in our package! A neat little patch from the game made me think of the patches that astronauts get from NASA – so that was fun!

Here’s what you got when you opened the box. I haven’t gone through the book yet, but it looks fantastic and shares about the history of astronomy, why people stargaze, and all of that cool stuff.


These are some pics of the components that you find on the inside. The punchboards are scorekeeping tokens, I believe. They have dozens of hexes that have different constellations from throughout the night sky, and the star cards represent the different types of stars that you find in the galaxy. I believe the hexes have glow-in-the-dark elements as well – they hadn’t been in the light long enough for us to see, but we’ll have to check that out later on.

And here is the Kickstarter bonus content, which is some extra tiles that have 2 constellations that you could potentially complete in the game. I love when they sneak in extra content for Kickstarter backers!

Expect a review at some point next month, especially if it really ends up clicking and we fall in love with it when we actually play it. What is the prettiest game that you’ve ever played, or your favorite art on a game?

Game On!

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