Sarah’s 32 Games of September

Hello y’all! September is my birthday month. Marti and I have decided, at least for now, to make a tradition of playing the number of games equal to our age during our birth month. It might sound silly but this is a way to do something special together for our birthdays all month long! So for today’s blog post, here is the list of 32 unique games that we played last month, in chronological order.  Included below is a screenshot of the games we have played from the amazing Board Game Stats App.

  1. Sagrada
  2. Cooking Rumble

  3. Tiny Epic Galaxies

  4. Lanterns

  5. Between Two Cities

  6. WereWords

  7. Crokinole

  8. Stop Thief!

  9. Carcassonne: The Castle

  10. 7 Wonders: Duel

  11. Sushi Go Party!

  12. Circle the Wagons

  13. Elder Sign

  14. Imhotep

  15. Tides of Madness

  16. The Fox in the Forest

  17. Math Fluxx

  18. Dice Heist

  19. Bohnanza: The Duel

  20. Onitama

  21. Lotus

  22. World’s Fair 1893

  23. Doggy Go

  24. Chrononauts

  25. Hero Realms

  26. Qwixx

  27. Carcassonne

  28. Clank!

  29. Kingdomino

  30. Carcassonne: The City

  31. Kitten Klash

  32. Zoo Ball


What games did you get played this month? What were your favorites? Did we play any of your favorites this month? Let us know via social media or in the comments on this post!

Keep gaming!
Sarah, The Confuzzld Meeple


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