A Fluffy Unboxing – Stop Thief!

I am so excited about sharing this. Yesterday, Stop Thief! came in the mail and I have been on the edge of my seat waiting for it. So, I decided that I would get some pictures up for those of you that are curious about the game and what it has to offer.

Ooooh, shiny. Here’s what came in our package. The box is about the dimensions of the Ticket to Ride box, but only about half as thick.

These are the cards that you see to the upper left of the game box. They are promo thief cards based on Rob Daviau and Justin Jacobson, the founders of Restoration Games. I love that they got the flavor of both of them on their cards – can you see it? Let us know on social media if you caught it!

Now, we have finally opened the box. Look at that nice, organized goodness. That’s the rulebook on top of the board, which is incredibly concise (thank God) and looks like a case file! So thematic.

And then you take the board off and this is what you see inside. There is a lot of space in there… I’m thinking that space may be for expansions later on? There’s a ton of potential for them, so I wouldn’t be surprised!

A closer look at the rulebook with the meeples. See how thin it is?

Money, money, money! Thanks for making them cards, Restoration Games. I love you forever.

Each of the character ID’s, each with their meeples and their movement decks. Love the look of the art and how unique each character is, and how they focused on making them diverse as well.

The thief cards – I’m not completely sure, but I believe that every single one of them is based on a famous criminal, whether fictional or non-fictional – @confuzzldmeeple would know better than I do. I do know that one of these guys that we photographed here is based on Al Capone.

And here is the board! It is very busy, but with how it all works, I wasn’t surprised by the busy-ness of it. The art on it is amazing and they paid a lot of attention to detail…

Which you can see here. Do you see all of those little footprints? I was blown away by how they did that. The art style is cartoony, but not so much that you can’t take the game seriously. They put so much time, love, and detail into this that I’m really glad that I backed it on Kickstarter so that it could become a reality.

Sarah and I are really excited to get this out to the table soon. Maybe not this weekend, because we’re busy as all get out,

Did you get Stop Thief on Kickstarter or at Gen Con? Are you thinking about getting it after all of the buzz? What other Restoration titles are you excited about? We are really pumped to see what else they can come up with!

Game On!
Marti – The Fluffy Meeple

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