A Solitary Unboxing – Tiny Epic Quest, Deluxe Edition


Welcome to another unboxing! If you follow our Twitter, you may have seen Marti and Sarah already playing this, but they graciously allowed me to do the unboxing article. See below for all the wonderful goodies in the latest Tiny Epic game from Scott Almes and Gamelyn Games: Tiny Epic Quest!


This is literally everything I received. As usual, I got everything! All the items above come in the deluxe edition of TEG except for the playmat and the extra set if ITEMeeples on the top right.



The inside covers of both the lid (which acts as a dice tray like the other Tiny Epic games with dice) and the bottom. And also the rulebook!


The player cards in the 4 usual colors. Along the tops are the tracks for your health and power. They each also have reminders about what the 3 base items do.


The round card and magic card. The former is used to track, well, rounds, haha. The latter is where you keep track of the spell levels each player has learned.


The map cards! These form the basis of the play area and each is double-sided. The green side is used in the regular game and the hazy side is used in the Gloomfall variant (which changes the gameplay up in interesting ways).


There are 5 methods of moving your meeples around in TEG, each one having a card reminding you how it works. Each player also has a Rest/Adventure card for use during the game. And of course there are the quest cards! It wouldn’t be Tiny Epic Quest without them, haha!


TEQ introduces a new type of (plastic) meeple called ITEMeeples! As you can see, each one has 2 holes (on each side) to hold, you guessed it, items! Part of the game is to find and equip legendary and treasure items and each one has a knob that fits into the ITEMeeple’s hand hole.


Here are the aforementioned items! The 3 top piles are the legendary items that each player has access to. The bottom ones are the treasure items you can only acquire by finding and completing their associated quest card.


And here we have an example of ITEMeeples all decked out! I kinda just picked random items, I have no idea if they go together at all in-game, lol (aside from the sword and shield).


Custom dice! These have the same high quality and sharp images as the dice in Tiny Epic Galaxies.


All the wooden bits. You have power, health, and magic markers, a magic token (measuring something independent of the player’s learned spells), a round token, and the first player token.


All the cardboard bits. There’s an Item Rack to hold your treasure items waiting to be discovered, goblin tokens (they’re all double-sided with green on one side and red on the other), and maximum health and power markers.


Here’s what the Item Rack looks like with a few treasure items places onto it.



As with other deluxe editions, this one comes with a mini-expansion for the game. This one replaces 3 of the map tiles with ones that have special mushroom grottos that let you save adorable little golden mushrooms! These map tiles are also double-sided and are fully compatible with the Gloomfall variant.



And again, because I always do, I got the playmat. This is another large one like Tiny Epic Western’s (thought slight smaller than that one). As usual, it has spaces for everything (even the travel cards) and also has a reminder on the map area of where the castle cards go as you’re building the map.

I’m incredibly excited for this as the Tiny Epic games are usually great (and they all have a well thought out solo mode). Marti, Sarah, and I will be doing a double review (solo plus multiplayer) of this in the future so check back later for that!

Game on!
Scott – The Solitary Meeple

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