A Three Shot Micro Unboxing – Circle the Wagons, Mint Julep, and Stellar Armada

Hello friends! @confuzzldmeeple and I were away for about 2 weeks, and we came back to find a whole array of different packages waiting for us. This includes a copy of Sagrada that we won online, Tiny Epic Quest (which we will be doing an unboxing for next Tuesday), a package from Button Shy Games and a game called Stellar Armada, which I backed awhile ago.  So, since I have three microgames that need to be unboxed, I figured I would knock all of them out in one post.

Stellar Armada was a microgame that I backed for $7 (deluxe 2 player version), and even though we haven’t played it yet, I’m glad that we snagged it when we did. It is a little space war game that gets done in just a few minutes – I imagine I’ll do a ~500 review on it once we get it out a couple of times.

Circle the Wagons is another awesome looking game from Button Shy Games’ selection of wallet-sized games. As with every other Button Shy Game, this game has a handful of cards (plus whatever Kickstarter bonuses I got, which you can see below).

When I got Circle the Wagons, I decided to add Mint Julep on to my pledge as well, because it looked like a neat little horse racing and betting game.

Lastly, I almost forgot that I also added Wagon Wheels, which is a 2 player only nano version of Circle the Wagons, with just 3 cards and a handful of tokens as components. Really interested in seeing how this plays, too!

Keep your eyes out for reviews for these ones – really excited to crack out these micro games and give them a try!

Also, be sure to keep your eyes on the Open Seat Gaming social media pages and the blog tomorrow for an important and exciting announcement!

Game On!

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