Champions of Midgard Expansions Valhalla and Dark Mountain Unboxing

Welcome to the Fluffy Meeple”s very first unboxing. Took me long enough to get there, huh? We received the expansions for Champions of Midgard from Grey Fox Games this past Friday. The two expansions are called The Dark Mountains and Valhalla. The new box, which I believe was a Kickstarter exclusive, is able to fit both the expansions and the base game all in one box! Woot! The art on the new box and within the expansions is very well done. Overall component quality is top notch.
This is what awaited me as I opened the box for the first time. So mysterious… also, a cheat sheet for all of the Kickstarter goodies and promos we got.


As with the base game, we got lots of punchboards. All of the components are nice and chunky, so you don’t have to worry too much about wearing them down quickly.


Here is the game board for the Dark Mountains expansion. It’s fairly simple – most of the stuff that came from The Dark Mountains was “more stuff” – expanded journey cards, more monsters, a new warrior (dice) class, and some other things to add variability to the base game.


The Valhalla Game Board blew me away at first. Look at it! It’s SO PRETTY. And the game play – oh man. Expect a nice big review soon, that’s all I’m saying. 


One of the many things that Grey Fox did well with this expansion is the insert. The insert organizes things well and everything fits from the base game. Grey Fox, teach some of the rest of the industry how to make their inserts, kthx. 
Here are all of the promo cards, including the infamous SeeZam!
Here are the four new boards from both expansions. Hooray for diversity! (Also, Bearman.). 
Archer Dice from the Dark Mountains Expansion. Our new dice tray from Jason Dinger is a great way to display the pretty custom dice! 
Berserker Dice for the Valhalla Expansion.
All of the custom Viking Warrior Dice!
Shieldwarrior Dice for the Valhalla Expansion.
Leader Dice for the Valhalla Expansion.
Viking Helmet Score tracking pieces. I was so excited when these were included for the Kickstarter – they look fantastic. 
The viking meeples ended up looking absolutely amazing. Look how nicely these meeples turned out. Excellent job! 
The excellent new Viking Meeples and Viking Helmet pieces
Valkyrie Blessings and Epic Monster cards for the Valhalla expansion. Look at that art! 
Valkyrie Blessings and Epic Monsters card art for the Valhalla expansions. I am incredibly impressed at how true to Norse mythology that Grey Fox stayed during development. 
Land Journey and Bergrisar cards for the Dark Mountains Expansion.
The different art on the cards for the Dark Mountains Expansion.
Additional cards from both expansions. They definitely help to increase variability in the base game.
New destiny, sea journey, and rune cards and their art.
Art on the new monster cards.
Archer Sacrifice tokens.
Swordsmen Sacrifice tokens
Berserker Sacrifice tokens.
Axeman Sacrifice tokens.
Spearman Sacrifice tokens.
Shieldwarrior Sacrifice tokens.
Burial Ground tiles, where you place your sacrifice tokens, for the Valhalla expansion.

Thanks for coming to see the unboxing for the new Champions of Midgard expansions! We have already played them once and are excited to bring them out again later this week. Expect a review for these within the next week or so.

Game On!
Marti – The Fluffy Meeple

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