Insert Review – Broken Token – Dead of Winter: The Long Night

Welcome to another insert review! Last week I showed off the swanky Dead of Winter insert from The Broken Token. This week is his brother, the insert for The Long Night stand-alone expansion!



All the pieces! This one had about the same amount as the Dead of Winter insert, however this one doesn’t have a box frame like the other and all the trays stack together next to the card box (which is not removable as it has no bottom) to fill up the space in the box.


Like its brother, this one came with a wooden first player marker.


Aside from the insert being made up mostly of trays, as I mentioned above, the biggest difference between the two inserts is in the card tray. This one has completely vertical slots (DoW has slanted compartments) and the dividers are clear plastic instead of wood.


This is the card tray once fully assembled and with all the dividers inserted. The dividers came in sheets with both sides covered in blue, plastic covers. 15 dividers means 30 covers stuck tight to the dividers that I had to peel off. My fingers ached a bit after this part, haha!


The bits and bobs trays. They hold everything that’s not a card or standee.


These are the tall standee compartments that hold ALL the zombie and bandit standees WITH their plastic stands on them. Makes setup way easier!


The experiment and survivor standees fit in here, though without their stands on. The stands for these are stored in a few compartments of the bits and bobs trays (see below).



Here is what the arrangement of the trays is for the box. The identical trays stack on top of their twin but you can see all the trays in the picture above for ease of reference.;



This is the mess that was the box before transfer. Standees EVERYWHERE!


And this is everything neatly arranged in their assorted trays and compartments. You can see the stands for the standees in the top bits tray and every other component has a unique compartment just for it. The card tray seems to have plenty of room for sleeves for those that use those! If you don’t, then there’s plenty of room for promos (of which I have a few).


Here are all the filled trays stacked where they go in the box.


The player boards and short location cards (i.e.: the standard 6 locations) fit on top of the bits and bobs trays below the standee trays.


The long location cards then fit on top of the entire middle section neatly holding in everything below.


The rulebook and board then fit to the left of the standee compartments on top of the other 2 sections. The lid then goes on top! (see below)

~|Important Note|~

Keen-eyed readers may have already noticed this in the pictures above, but I felt it important to mention this point. The insert goes above the edge of the box bottom and as such the lid does not sit flush with the bottom of the box when you put it on after the insert is added.


Here you can see that the standee compartments are several millimeters above the edge of the box, and the board/rulebook come up similarly high when sitting on top of the other materials.


This is what the box looks like closed with the insert inside. The box top sits a bit above the bottom.

If you’re like me then this makes you worry, and possible cringe. Lid not flush? That means the lid is resting on parts (namely the gameboard) as well as the edges of the insert containers. The box still seems entirely stable, however, even with the lid raised slightly. I had the game sitting at the bottom of a stack of a few games for over a week and it seems no worse for wear.


Overall, this is another solid insert from The Broken Token. I was a bit leery when completing it because of the note mentioned above, but it seems to work fine despite that (and my anxiety has slowly been fading, haha). Great for storage, great for setup/take-down, great insert!

Game on!
Scott – The Solitary Meeple

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