Insert Review – Broken Token – Dead of Winter

Welcome to another insert review! I love my Anachrony and Legendary inserts so I decided to get and try out the Broken Token ones for Dead of Winter and its stand-alone expansion The Long Night. Today I’ll be going over the insert for Dead of Winter!



All the sheets of pieces. Compared to my last insert (the Anachrony one) this one seemed to have so few pieces and take so little time!


The insert comes with this spiffy wooden start player marker to replace the punchboard one that comes with the game. Sorry it’s blurry, my phone camera isn’t great and couldn’t get it completely into focus.


Here are all the trays that fit into the box frame portion of the insert. You can see how they fit below but here they are by themselves. The Character/Zombies tray is deep enough to hold the standees with their plastic bases on for easier setup/cleanup!


I realized when I was getting this article ready that I didn’t take a picture of just the box frame. You can see it below in the next section with all the trays inserted, and the above dividers are what separates the card section (which in this insert is part of the in-box frame).



Here is everything put where it goes in the box. The card slots on the right are part of the in-box frame (which holds the trays in place) and the trays fit into the sections on the right side.


With the token tray moved you can see where the dice and extras tray fits, as well as the slot for the wooden start player marker.



So this is what the box looked like with the cardboard insert and plastic bags the game comes with. Not a pretty sight (although The Long Night looks worse as they don’t give you as many bags).


And here’s what everything looks like all tidied into the lovely insert! The card slots have lots of extra space so I think it would fit sleeved cards just fine (my cards are not sleeved at the moment but I likely will sleeve them sometime in the future).


With all the trays in place, the location cards, game board, and rulebook sit nicely across with a raised tab at the top (at the bottom edge of the empty space) that keeps the board from sliding around.


Overall this tray is just as great as the others. The in-box frame portion didn’t seem very secure during assembly, but if you have wood glue on hand (or a piece of tape at each corner) then once it’s in the box it’s snug enough so that it holds together just fine. The removable trays connect very securely and I think will last you through many plays of taking them out, moving them around, and putting them back in. I’m really excited for the ways this insert will make setup and cleanup easy and simple.

Check back next week for a review of The Long Night’s insert!

Game on!
Scott – The Solitary Meeple

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