And We Are Back from Origins 2017!

Hope that you enjoyed all of the great things that we were posting all over social media. This was a really fun and successful event for the first of (hopefully) many that we will be doing as a part of Open Seat Gaming! I did a lot of networking, did a mini-interview with Greatway Games, and handed out a heck of a lot of business cards. If you found us from that – welcome to the blog!

Sarah and I (Fluffy Meeple/Marti) will probably have a steady stream of content over the next few days as we do a big Origins wrap-up week. To sate your curiosity, though, here are some of our favorites from the trip:

Best Food:
Marti: Katzinger’s Deli at the North Market. I had the best club that I have ever had in my life, with the freshest meat. AND I had a yummy root beer. AND I had a yummy pickle. Jewish delis rock.
Sarah: Jeni’s Ice Cream. She had a “flight” (yes, like with beer) of three different flavors: Cookies and Cream; Brown Butter Almond Brittle, and Black Cat Espresso. (I liked them a lot too, lol).

Biggest Surprise:
Marti: Adrenaline from CGE.  I did not expect a “shoot ’em up” board game (based on First Person Shooters) to have this awesome mid-weight Euro underneath it! I absolutely loved the game and we won it from the PunchBoard Media Meetup, so now we have it too. Followed closely behind with Flipships from Renegade. 
Sarah has a tie. First, Werewords from Bezier – she didn’t expect to like the Werewolf/Insider combo to work so well! And then, That’s a Question, the prototype from Vlaada Chvatil that CGE is publishing near GenCon.  

Best Demo:
Marti: Codenames: Duet. Mandi from To Die For Games taught us how to play and it was a lot of fun! 
Barenpark (even though The Godfather was a close second); bears + tile laying = us. 

Favorite Event:
Marti: Nerd Night! Oh my gosh, it was so much fun to try Flipships, learn Happy Salmon, and try a few other games. Then, free pizza, and a lot of money raised for an awesome charity. 100% amazing time. 
Dice Tower Live! It was really cool to see the Dice Tower guys in person, and she got on stage for their game, too!

Here are some more stats from our week, as well.

  • We ended up playing over 35 games (which I will have a list of up tomorrow), and pretty much hit everything that we wanted to see or try.
  • We ended up with a great haul – we bought 7 games, and won 11, to come home with a full box of awesome games.
  • We drove about 20 hours the whole week, when all was said and done.
  • It only takes 3/4 of a tank of gas to get to Columbus from Virginia. Yes, we were surprised too.
  • We hit 5 states on our trip: Virginia (duh), West Virginia, Maryland, PA (my old stomping grounds), and, obviously, Ohio.
  • We ended up with a whole ton of promos and ribbons for our badges. I have no idea of numbers, but my badge had ribbons almost to my knees.

We will be back tomorrow with a full list of everything that we played during the week at Origins!

Game on!
Marti – The Fluffy Meeple (and Sarah, the Confuzzled Meeple).

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