Off to Origins!

Yes, I’m aware that Origins doesn’t start until Wednesday. My partner and I are currently with my partner’s family in Columbus, who we are staying with for the whole time that we’re out here. 🙂

If you’re looking for us, here is a basic outline of our trip:

Wednesday: Getting our bearings, saying hi to people, checking out the Main Gaming Hall and spending a lot of time in the CABS Board Room.

Thursday: Lots of time in the exhibitor hall.
2 PM – Greatway Meetup
8PM to 10 PM – Punch Board Media Launch Party (CGE Room)
10 PM- 2 AM – Nerd Night

Friday: No solid plans, but we plan on checking out the Rio Grande Room at some point this day. You’ll see us all over the convention that day. 🙂 We will likely have our cousin’s kids with us, too!

Saturday: Similar to Friday, but also…
7 PM – Origins Awards
8:30 PM – Dice Tower Live

Sunday: Enjoying the quieter last day of the con with some gaming, searching sales, etc. 🙂

I will have my phone on me, so if you want to catch me at Origins, be sure that you tweet at me! (@FluffyMeeple) We can do meals, or catch games, or whatever. Really excited to get there tomorrow!

Hope to see you there!
Game on!
Marti – The Fluffy Meeple

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