~500 Review – Cat Tower

Yes, I know I haven’t written a proper review in awhile. I have been working extra in order to get ready for Origins – my partner and I are so excited! Expect extra coverage from us while we’re at Origins in less than 2 weeks! Will we see you there?  – Fluffy Meeple

Game: Cat Tower
Publisher: IDW Games
Designer: Aza Chen
Main Game Mechanisms: Dexterity
Number of Players: 2 to 6
Game Time: 10 to 15 minutes; up to 20 at max player count

Description: Catty Fatty, the boss cat of the house, sees that one of the humans has brought home a fish – and he wants it! So, he enlists the help of other cats in the home so that they can stack up and help to push him onto the counter so he can get his prize, the fish!

Cat Tower is a dexterity game, similar to Rhino Hero and other card-based stacking games of this genre. You stack folded cards that have cat based art – but there’s a twist! Every turn, you have to roll the die, which is different based on how many players you have (one die is for Cat Tower Lite, the 2p version; one is for standard Cat Tower, which goes to 4 players; the last is for Cat Tower Plus, which is for up to 6 players). That die will tell you if you stack one cat, multiple cats, upside down cats, or even if you have to place a flat Catty Fatty on the pile.

Knock the pile down, you take a card. Knock it down with Catty Fatty on it, you get the token (which has a special power) that was placed on Catty Fatty, and you take two cards back. The first person to get rid of all of their cat cards is the big winner!

Review: Cat Tower is a cute little game that I backed on Kickstarter – it was actually one of the first that I ever backed. It’s not a difficult game in the least, but when you get older and you have shaky hands like I do, dexterity games are not as easy as they used to be when we were kids. It works great in almost any environment, and you can teach anyone of any age.

The components are spot on – the card quality is incredibly solid, the art is absolutely adorable, and the dice are chunky and easy to roll. My only negative is that you have to put stickers on the dice, but I can live with that. It was an affordable and fun little game that I can enjoy with all of my friends, in any situation.

Buy, Try, Deny: Try it! If you like dexterity games and you want something cute to add to your collection, this is a cheap little game that you can get easily on Amazon for less than $15.

Game on!
Marti – The Fluffy Meeple

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