Insert Review – Broken Token – Legendary

I’ve been familiar with game inserts for awhile now but it was only recently that I felt like actually trying one out. Some of them are pretty expensive, you could get a whole new game for the same price! But they do add a lot of organization and some of them with custom trays can even help with setup/cleanup and that has been more appealing to me in recent months as my collection has grown.

Due to a sale on Broken Token’s website, they are a big name (possibly the biggest?) in wooden game inserts/organizers, I decided to get and try the insert for Legendary. I have a lot of cards for it (because it’s an awesome game and I love it) and the basic, plastic insert that comes with the game wasn’t going to hold much more. I was skeptical about having to assemble the thing, since they recommend wood glue and a hammer/mallet.


Boy was I wrong. I don’t know if all their inserts are this easy, but the Legendary one was crazy simple. Tabs into slots was all it was. I had some glue on hand and a hobby mallet but didn’t end up needing to use the glue, everything seemed to fit together nicely (though I did use tape on the corners as the directions suggested and I used the mallet to make sure the connections were secure). It’s sturdy and feels/looks great once together. The dividers slide in nicely and wiggle just enough that you can get stuff out from either side without too much hassle (if you have a small section or the cards stack right up to it).

Before change.jpg

So this is the box with the base insert with all the cards I own: base game and 5 small expansions. As you can see, not a lot of room for more.

After change.jpg

And here’s the box with the lovely insert in it. Fits snuggly in all corners with no wobble and there’s plenty of room for more expansions! There’s even space in the middle for non-card extras (like the shard tokens from the Guardians of the Galaxy expansion, which I have and is what’s in the baggie in the pic above).

Note: The base insert comes with 6 of the dividers, I knew I was going to want more than that so I ordered an extra 6-pack when I ordered the insert. 12 is great for the size of collection I have and I don’t see myself needing anymore even if I get more cards (I’ll just shuffle around what’s stored where).

Board fits.jpg

It even fits the board via tabs on top of the cross pieces! The rulebook/sheets then sit on top of the board and the lid fits on nice and firmly. The edges of the lid meet the bottom of the box and it doesn’t sink if you stack another game on top of it. It also stores vertically just fine (that’s how I am currently storing the game).

All-in-all, for a foray into wooden inserts, this one turned out to be fantastic. I have since ordered another wooden insert for a different game (Anachrony) from a different company (Meeple Realty) but it was back-ordered so I haven’t received it yet. I’ll definitely post pictures and a review once I get it all set up!

Game on!
Scott – The Solitary Meeple

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