A Solitary Unboxing – Zephyr: Winds of Change

I have another unboxing today! This time it’s for Zephyr: Winds of Change by Portal Dragon.


Box front and back! Love the steampunk vibe/theme in this game.


Box insert. It’s sized so that each well is as tall as the large cards are wide (when inside the plastic bags that come with).


Everything in the box! Rules, ship boards, tokens, counters/dials, cards, dice, and some cubes.


Punch boards and ships! The ships are bi-layer: they have an under-board that creates a well or dip function for the component areas/sections that keep the tokens in place if the ship mat gets nudged. Brilliant idea!


The assembled scrap meter dials and the punched out ship standees (in their plastic stands).

20170422_205903.jpgCards! They have a nice feel to them and the big cards, while unusual, are not unwieldy.


The clear crew cards! Top picture is how they arrive in the box, the bottom is after you remove the plastic, protective layer from each card. Even stacked they are still very see-able, reminiscent of Gloom.

Overall I’m really excited for this game just from seeing the components. And it has a solo mode which always scores bonus points with me! I’ll likely post a review once I have a chance to get it to the table.

Game On!

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