~500 Review – The Butterfly Garden

Game: The Butterfly Garden
Publisher: Dr. Finn’s Games
Designer: Dr. Steve Finn
Main Game Mechanisms: Card Drafting, Set Collection
Number of Players: 2 to 6 players
Game Time: 25-30 minutes

Description: The Butterfly Garden is a game where you are collecting butterflies in a jar so that you can release them into the butterfly garden. You do this by playing cards out of your hand to determine drafting order, then putting the butterflies on that card into your “jar.” When you get a combination of butterflies that is represented by the “garden cards” on the table, you can take those cards for victory points. When one of the players meets the minimum number of points (based on player count), they will start the end game, which allows everyone to take their final turn. Whoever has the most points wins.

Review: This game is definitely a relaxing little filler game. Dr. Finn is known as “The King of the Filler” and this game is definitely a great example of that. With absolutely beautiful art, a cute little theme, and easy to learn game mechanics, you will find that The Butterfly Garden definitely fills that void. It’s a great way to start a game night, end a game night, or to take a break between two much more thinky games that you may be playing. It takes a little time to really get into the rhythm of how the game works, but once you learn it, it’s quick and easy to play.

Buy, Try, Deny: If you want a filler that is relaxing and fun, and gives you a little twist on the card drafting mechanism that actually works for two players, then I definitely recommend that you add The Butterfly Garden to your collection. It’s an affordable game that we definitely crack out when we want something short and chill. We’ll be bringing this the next time that we have a game night with friends.

Game On!

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