Marti’s 32 Games of March

Hello friends! I turned 32 in March and, because of that, my partner and I decided that I was going to try and play 32 unique games throughout the month. We definitely got through all of that, and it was fantastic and a lot of fun. So, for today’s blog, I’m just going to share the 32 different games that I played throughout March. 🙂

  1. Cartagena
  2. Robber knights
  3. Takenoko (with Chibis expansion)
  4. World’s Fair 1893
  5. Kingdomino
  6. Zombie Dice
  7. Clank!
  8. The Grizzled
  9. Lotus
  10. Ghost Blitz
  11. Oceanos
  12. Tsuro
  13. Imhotep
  14. Champions of Midgard
  15. No Thanks!
  16. Cat Tower
  17. Rivals for Catan
  18. Welcome Back to the Dungeon
  19. Sushi Go
  20. Agility
  21. Flag Dash
  22. Lost Cities
  23. Longhorn
  24. Speed Cups 2
  25. Voodoo Mania
  26. Butterfly Garden
  27. Lords of Waterdeep ( Scoundrels of Skullport)
  28. Chrononauts
  29. Slush Fund2
  30. The Appalachian Trail Game
  31. Munchkin
  32. Carcassonne

What did you play in March? Did you have any favorites?

Game On!
Marti – The Fluffy Meeple

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