How Did Scott Get Into Gaming?

My story isn’t quite as lengthy as Marti’s. Like her, I started out with video games, although I did always like board games, though when I was younger it was the more “traditional” games like Monopoly, Risk, or Clue. I still love Clue to this day for its hidden information and process of elimination simpleness.

It wasn’t until high school, at a summer picnic, that I was introduced to the wonders of more in-depth tabletop games and the hobby as a whole. I started, as many others have, via Catan. I was one of two new players in a frantic 6-player game where they were using the build-between-turns house rule. I didn’t really get a good grasp of the game there as the rampant trading and building was a bit much to keep track of, and someone ended up winning when I hadn’t built more than a few roads and a settlement.

But it definitely awakened an interest in me and, after my sister’s future parents-in-law had Catan and I was able to play it further and really fall in love, a new passion was realized. Ever since, I’ve loved tabletop games and followed them with a zeal that, while bringing great fun to gatherings, is not always easy on my wallet, haha!

I now have a small bookshelf that can’t hold even half my collection, and games piled all over the floor of my small, one-bedroom apartment. I have monthly visits to my other sister nearby where I introduce her to various games I’ve acquired, or we play some of our favorites (which I’ll touch on in a future article!) and occasional game days with friends.

I also keep up (and spend a bit too much sometimes) with new games coming out, especially on Kickstarter. I love the hobby, I’m incredibly excited about where it’s come and where it’s headed, and I can’t wait to share my thoughts and excitement with you!

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