Why Open Seat Gaming Exists

Gaming is a passion of mine – it has been since I was younger. I remember holidays where I sat around with my Mom’s side of the family and played Yahtzee, Cranium, and other family games with much bravado and excitement. That being said, I have evolved into quite a gamer. Tabletop games and video games have constantly been a big part of my life, and it has become even bigger as time goes on. You can learn more about this beginning at the post that I’ve written about getting into gaming.

As time has gone on, I’ve been introducing more and more people into gaming, and I started to notice that people were coming to me for suggestions about tabletop games that they should be playing. I’ve been teaching games and just having a great time showing off pictures about gaming. I’m a freelancer for a living, so I thought – what if I start a blog? I approached my friend Scott (the Solitary Meeple) and the idea started moving forward.

One of my biggest beliefs is that there is always room at the table for everyone – no matter what your background, your beliefs, or your experience in the gaming world, you deserve a place at the table. And that’s not a political statement – everyone means everyone, whether it’s a game table, a fellowship table, or any other sort of table. Because of that, I chose the name “Open Seat Gaming” and started up this whole blog.

Now, we’re on a fun journey with this whole thing and we are really excited for you to join us. Whether you’ve just started gaming or you’ve been gaming for years, feel free to grab a seat and join us for reviews, news, Kickstarter updates, and more. We hope that we can help you to feel welcome in the gaming community!

Game on!

Marti – The Fluffy Meeple

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